Today it is possible to browse and request the download of the new catalog of the Il Vetro collection; it is here that the creations that express the new conceptual design of the Murano glass line are enclosed.

The word Glass evokes Venice. The romantic Venice that swings over the sea. The Venice of monuments, musicians, painters and poets. The Venice of ancient crafts, of the industriousness of the islanders. The True Venice: the one steeped in History.
From the tradition of the master glassmakers, handed down through time to the present day, comes to life the Murano glass collection signed OR Illuminazione: IL VETRO.
Venetian art, with the unmistakable originality appreciated all over the world, reinterpreted with wisdom in its most current key. Ancient craft memories revisited with passion and competence to give value to your environments.

Browse the new catalog "Il Vetro".
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