THE FORMS - The contract seen by OR Illuminazione

OR Illuminazione has always been dedicated to the contract world.

Sectors such as hotels, restaurants, hospitality and in general HO.RE.CA have always been looking for products that distinguish them and that enhance their spaces, in accordance with the general concept.

Our creations are often the result of tailor-made ideas for large projects, often ambitious and apparently impossible to achieve, but thanks to the great experience in the sector, knowledge of global market trends and meetings with international designers, OR Illuminazione has managed to satisfy even the most prohibitive requests.

We are proud that these realizations have been very successful and appreciated by professionals in the lighting sector.

For this reason, the idea was born to create a collection of inspiration, LE FORME, which contains the best projects made in recent years.

Here you can see a wide portfolio and discover that there are no limits to what we can create.

You can also download the catalogue and go into even more detail in the turnkey service that OR Illuminazione offers to companies, thanks to the highly specialized skills of our creative team that allows OR Illuminazione to interpret the requests of customers and amaze them with a final result to be left open-mouthed.