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Living in a context of authentic beauty lights up your life, your work and every moment's emotions.
Much more than a flfleeting or unexpected vision, beauty is way of life, of discovering and sensing the world around one. For those aware of all this, each instant has the priceless value of an ever-renewing spell, always different and fascinating. Beauty is a spring that refreshes the spirit and expresses itself in a thousand forms: it is from this fifirm belief that the designer creations "OR Illuminazione" are born, objects with an unmistakable style in which inventive flflair merges with craftsmanship and the absolute quality of the materials. The spark fifiring this inspiration has a name renowned the world over: Venice, city of lights and colours that through the centuries have been refracted by the rippling water, mirroring themselves in the lagoon, as in a melting pot of ever-changing shapes. "OR Illuminazione" creations also speak of all this, recounting the essence of a unique city and the profound vocation it has for beauty, to be reaped at every occasion and everywhere. Welcome to all this!

When style stirs up new passions: everything that is beautiful about "made in Italy"
With a classical taste, and yet marked by an unmistakeable personal note and with original "trips" into the modern, OR light fifittings are created according to the criteria of the best traditional Italian craftsmanship: absolute masterpieces in which ideas translate into skilled manual dexterity, and in which every single detail is painstakingly perfected. Because style is not only imagination but also feasibility, the ability to transform matter, giving it that particular charm that makes it unique.